Bench coffee table

17 January 2014
last modified: 17 January 2014
Hi All,

I'm trying to make a few simple changes to make my living/dining room area stand out a bit more. I had a love affair with brown when I moved in, and while I still like it, the room just needs a few accent colours in it.

I really want to use the blue in the bench picture I've attached, even if I don't necessarily go with the bench. My question is whether it would work as a coffee table; I'm unsure given that it has arms on it. Then all I'd do is get some dark wood end tables (or stain my current ones) and then some new pillows and other things. I'd also like to use a darkish green as well, because a) there is a lot of blue/green stuff in the stores around here, and b) I have a green and brown painting on the back wall (not shown, I'll get a picture if I can shortly).

Thanks as always,

Edit: I'll add better quality pictures when it's bright out tomorrow, and the lazyboy will eventually go. My cat uses it as a secondary scratching post, so the comfort of it is the only reason it's still around. Sigh, so so comfortable.

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