need help to select curtains and carpet colour

8 September 2013
just bought the entire furniture (two seater+2 chairs+dinning table set). after getting this home , I realized that the colors of floor and curtains and also of sofas with chair are not at all matching. At best I can change the curtains & get a carpet. Cant decide the best color for both. need suggestions .

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  • samsamyd
    Okay -- you're a much different style than I'm used to, so the only suggetion I have is find a common color between the new furniture upholstry and the (gray-pink-peach?) chairs ...take that as a solid or a tone-on-tone in either a shade (darker) or a tint (lighter) and use it for drapes, rug.

    Like I said, not my style -- I'm struggling even to look a tthe picture what with the stone flooring pattern and the upholstry -- I guess I just don't do floral well...
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  • sumegha
    Thanks you ! I too tried floral for the first time and it just turned out so bad.. a complete mismatch . Now i see too many colors in my room . I think I should remove the chairs from here and get a green or rust shade for drapers and rugs.
    Thanks again
  • Sylvia
    Wow....that's more pattern and floral than I've EVER seen!! I would definitely remove the two accent chairs in the living room. They clearly don't belong. I would replace your mat under the coffee table with a solid colour area carpet in the living room in a neutral beige or something not patterned/colourful. The rug must be at least 6x9 so the front legs of the sofas are on it. Then choose solid colour drapes in the same family as the area rug.
  • sumegha
    thank you ! I will certainly remove the chairs and mat under the table.
  • Tim Fbja
    Deep red curtains would do this space great. Now to tie in the chairs you will need throw cushions on each with colours from the opposite chair. Art work of a deep color browns and blacks with a touch of red will finish the back wall. Try putting one sofa in the corner angled, then the other facing angled and the chairs on each side.
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  • qam999
    That is very powerful furniture. It is not a common taste. Assuming that you either really like it, or can't return it, then we all need to work with the existence of the furniture, which is bold, colorful, and based on some sort of tradition.

    The walls and curtains should tone in with colors chosen from the furniture upholstery, such as sage, coral, or gold. I'd go with solids or perhaps a very restrained and subtle satin stripe. The two non-matching chairs could be reupholstered in a simple print that coordinates colorwise. Rug: Lots of texture, little pattern, neutral color.

    This furniture needs accessories. I'd caution against repeating the elaborate carved style, and instead choose bold moderny transitional landscapes in simple, flat, wide gold leaf frames.
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  • sumegha
    Thank you so much ! I am just not being able to work with the colors. Will cover the floor with sisal. any suggestions for the color and fabric for drapes ? also getting a plain green three seater will anyway help ? the carving is already too bold for the room and stone floor.
  • Geneviève
    yes you need to paint the walls to warm up the place ,lets see what i can come up with , okay for the walls I would go with something like this a bit lighter if you don't like this one

    Burnt Peanut Red 2081-10 Benjamin Moore · More Info

    now let me find a rug

    for the rug I would go with either a plain coloured one or one with faded patterns on it.

    Nourison Reflections RF04 5'6" x 8'6" Aqua Rug · More Info

    next the windows....
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  • PRO
    JudyG Designs
    Find the palest green in the fabric…look at BM silken pine and choose the exact same color for your window treatments.
    Peterson Park Addition · More Info
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  • leopardpaws
    Rusty orange rug.... Brown curtains linen and paint the one wall the background colour of floral print. Make the furniture the star of the room. The rug will pop and the curtains will join in.
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  • sumegha
    getting a simpler three seater will help ? may be in rust or pale green ?
  • Geneviève
    For the ceiling over the table without that plastic table cover :)

    Chandelier · More Info

    for the wall
    Jeune Femme A Lombrelle 1872 by Pierre-Auguste Renoir Canvas Painting · More Info
  • pcmom1
    Do I see two different floral backgrounds going on?

    One is yellow/orange/green and then the two opposite chairs are blue, rose and purple? Think those two chairs need to be replaced with solid ones.
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  • sumegha
    Thank you for the chandelier idea ! The plastic cover is removed :)
  • Geneviève
    and now for the time

    Americana Clocks Colton Grandfather Clock · More Info
  • Geneviève
    This one will pick up the green of the fabric and if the rug will be green too

    Antiqued Solid Brass Ribbed Candlestick Table Lamp · More Info
  • studio10001
    I should like to steer you away from matching anything further in your upholstery colours, and toward colours that will calm and ground the room. I'm seeing an opportunity for some drama here, and suggest darkening the walls to support your new furniture, and adding a heavier weight, lined drapery that will pool on the floor. Please remove the small floral, lemons and mat in favour of larger bits: a bust, carpeting that can stand up to these new patterns and placed at angles to loosen things up a bit, larger, abstract wall art and centerpiece in deeper versions of the shades of your furniture to help calm some of the vibrancy ( you are now looking for swathes of colour, not pictures). Your ceiling can be painted to compliment, and your ceiling fan - when you eventually replace it- can be a darker metal,too.The colours below are drawn from the common undertones from both your upholstery and flooring, and will help to sooth away some of the competing elements.
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  • studio10001
    You are very welcome - and welcome to Houzz.
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  • sumegha
    will this three seater help calm down the colors ? I will remove the chairs and add this with sisal or green rug and gold drapes ?
  • studio10001
    It helps calm down the pattern, which is not quite the same thing. On my monitor, appears very rosy, and placing it next to green will still be high in contrast. While some solid colour is a good idea, cream coupled with a less reddish wood would be a better choice.
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  • Suzanna Sebesteny
    I'm tossing in my penny's worth, for another perspective to think about.

    First, use the chairs in another room. Put the two-seater where the two chairs are. Get HUGE rug that almost goes wall to wall. Wall to wall would be even better. Perhaps in a gold or better yet, beige. No borders or prints. Get a couple of side tables so you have something to put lamps on. No nick-knacks at all. Just the lamps. I love the lamp Genevieve showed you. Rug could be that colour, too. Actually, that green would be great for the rug.

    Maybe a console type table under the picture window with a lamp on it. Also a very large fern in an deep coloured ornate pot in the left (as we see it in the picture) corner? Ferns were a big part of decorating in the period.

    On the window use a fabric for simple drapes the same colour as the rug. Sheers maybe? With swags above? Period style again. Both drapery and swag in the same colour. Maybe fringe on the bottom of each swag.

    In the dining room, a chandelier would be perfect. Nice and simple with lots of prisms. Under the table, again almost or completely wall to wall, a rug the same as in the living room.

    Your style is most definitely unique, but you can most certainly make it world to your advantage as long as you don't bring in more patterns. A FEW decorator cushions in some bold colours would look great.

    the ceiling in the living room (and I"m assuming in the dining room as well) is the wrong colour. Maybe take the rug colour there as well.

    Walls? Large scale painting or reproductions of period pieces in somewhat ornate frames to keep with the theme of the room. As I see it it's a THEME rather than a decorating style, somewhat like a room in a museum. Put a large picture above the settee no higher up than maybe 6-8 inches above the back, then another one on the opposite wall, another large one (or grouping of several smaller ones, on the wall to the left as we see it. On the other wall in the dining room put still life pictures. Fruit in a bowl, or flowers in a vase.

    The most negative thing in the room is the tile on the floor. If you can somehow hide that......

    I'm thinking instead of trying to downplay the pieces that you have, work with it and take it to the max. There was a reason you bought those pieces. You loved them.

    Good luck and post some pictures of your progress.
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  • pcmom1
    Katie Rosenfeld Interiors · More Info

    Kenmore Dining Room A · More Info

    I think a good way to warm up the room would be to do a grasscloth wallpaper. Plus, it would work well, I believe, with your furniture. Sort of a nice counterpoint.

    Try taking away the two dining chairs from the head of the table. Switch those with the blue floral. Then reupholster the blue floral chairs in a neutral. Do think the dining table needs a spot to rest the eye.
    Same room - different look · More Info
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  • pcmom1
    Studio10001, darkening the walls would add a lot of drama. Might be on to something.
    Niagara Residence · More Info

    Contemporary Family Room · More Info

    Palm Beach Apartment · More Info
  • 2dogssashatess
    I would be signing up for an upholstery class so I could get rid of the floral
  • studio10001
    Let's see if I can show it in your room. I've changed your chairs to cream so you could gauge the ( rough) effect, and the rug should cover more area, but you can at least get the idea:
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  • pcmom1
    Liking the furniture against that dark teal!
  • Geneviève
    Now studio10001 can you please try it with

    Burnt Peanut Red 2081-10 Benjamin Moore · More Info
  • studio10001
    I painted it in for you, Genevieve, but the site is no longer allowing me to download or save. It is through Sherwin Williams, if you'd like to try. The same colour is Rambling Rose 6305 on their site.
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  • sumegha
    Much thanks Suzanna ! loved your ideas . will post the progress soon.
  • sumegha
    And here is the new look
  • sumegha
    Thanks everyone for your suggestions, will post the pics of the entire area soon
  • Suzanna Sebesteny
    I like where it's all heading. Good job so far. It's been a long time and I don't have time to re-read it all, but is there any chance you can paint the walls? Something a bit darker? Green? Deep gold or beige? I love love love the carpet that's hiding the tiled floors. Works perfectly I think. It's a nice backdrop for the patterned pieces you have. One more thing I see is the lack of lamps. How about a couple of floor lamps with little coloured prisms hanging off the bottom? Darn, I can't post pictures on here nor am I very good at descriptions. I think you know what I mean.

    Sumegha, although this is far far from my style, I really like what you're doing, and am proud of you for making the most of what you love.
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  • Heidi Holland
    You did great on the new room! I would suggest adding a large vase and throw pillows in the dark rose color in the print for some pops of life.
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  • sumegha
    Suzanna , thanks a lot for your ideas and suggestions .... the lamps are pending , I am getting some antique look pieces , will share the pics soon... and sadly I can do any structural changes in the room. it is a rented place else the first thing I would have done is changing the floor tiles ! but I am quite happy with the tiles hidden now... thanks again
  • evamdesign
    It does look like it's coming together nicely. I see lots of yellow so a few accents in a diffent color would be nice. Rose or green could work. Depends if you are painting the walls? The color looks a bit pinky white in the last pictures, and I don't think that works.
  • evamdesign
    I would also be careful of adding too many more period pieces. It might start to feel too much like a replica of a historical setting. I would bring in something modern but warm. I will look for a picture tomorrow to show what I mean. Now I am off to bed
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  • pcmom1
    I think one thing that would add interest would be to change out the coffee table (larger) and a couple of the side tables to something more modern. Less the same style and period and go for a more eclectic look.
    Living room · More Info

    Living Room · More Info
  • Sumegha Sharma
    Thanks, this is a great idea, i was anyeay feeling that the table is now too distant from the seats. Will look for a bigger round table .
  • raineycarole
    Beautiful job!
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  • sumegha
    wondering if the high planter tables are a misfit, the one between the arm chair and two seater ? and the position of paintings is also not appropriate to me , i tried hanging in the middle of the wall and the lights on the wall but both paintings seem to be inappropriately placed above the seats , cant move the seats further ... is it looking too odd ??
  • sumegha
    another image for a closer view of position of the painting
  • Pa F'field
    just too much clutter better with a mirror than the busy picture
  • Deanna Ferguson Williams
    I see gold satin drapes
  • Judy Capper
    There is contrast between the traditional furniture and the focal point of the floor which pops, draws attention. I would recover the sofas in cream colored soft fabric - suede. I would leave the curtains grey, and put down a large neutral area rug. The edges of the room would show the pattern of the floor. I would color the wall and add texture to it, but not too dark as the room will appear smaller. Add a picture and put a nice plant holder, large vase in the left corner of the room - an oriental-style vase. Or, a cream-stripe fabric on the sofas. You could go soft or bold in this room - depending on your taste.
  • TT
    Is there any way to recover the 2 smaller chairs that have the different floral? It looks like my flower garden now and I am not a good gardener. I could see some stripes on those chairs...not bold but smaller and then then rug with the lighter shade of green as someone suggested earlier. It is cool furniture. It just had a strong personality and it is fighting with the rest of the space,
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    Allan Rug Company
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  • marilynellis
    Very impressed with your openness to comments and design help and with the amazing changes that you made. I really didn't think it could all be fixed but you did it and it looks beautiful.
  • decoenthusiaste
    DEAD THREAD - October 2013
  • shweta kolhapure
    i have 350 sq ft hall and total 2100 sq ft home ready to tile. wooden furniture and white colour walls with a courtyard that too wooden is final. which colour of mat finish satin vitrified tile should i go for flooring?
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    Cornerstone Design Studio India


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