Mandir renovation

Payal Jayswal
15 days ago

Pls guys give some ideas.
I want to renovate mandir.

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    7 days ago

    Make your pooja on the above space use the the above yellow wall for the pooja....u can add nice cnc. Cut jaali in the centre and wooden shelves in the sides .


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    Pragmatic Muse
    6 days ago

    Hi payal

    1-You can opt for shelves as well on the wall made of glass /ply /acrylic. 

    2- you can add a tray just below this unit's top for keeping the diya while praying.

    3- below tray you can even add another drawer for keeping miscellaneous items.

    3- put a pvc wallpaper (easily available online for like 150-300 for 1 roll) on wall & as well on the tray &drawer panel to reduce wastage & cost. 

    Olz check the image for tray reference

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    deSigneR - Architects and Interior Designers
    5 days ago

    Hi Payal, your space looks interesting and a beautiful mandir design can be achieved in low budget.

    1. There are beautiful traditional wallpapers available in market in low budget. Check out Krsna Mehta wallpapers.You can do a backdrop of the wallpaper.

    2. Once you create a backdrop, then you can raise a marble on it with inlay design or carvings. Backlight the marble to give a rich look. You can also cut the marble in shape of an arch to give a mandir feel.

    3. In front of the marble arrange your the murtis. You can opt for also creating marble shelves and place your murtis (check the photograph attached) make sure that the murtis are of adequate height so that the designs on the backdrop do not hide.

    4. Below the platform of the murtis you can have three drawers with the center drawer being a pull out tray extension to put Diya, agarbattis etc. Let there be a void below the tray where you can put your mandir pouffe or chair. On the two sides you can have shutters with traditional laminates.

    5. Have a traditional chandelier in the ceiling just in center of the mandir to complete the look.