Carrara Marble vanity top from Signature Hardware?

Alexandra B
24 days ago

Hi everybody-

I'm looking for a prefab vanity top made of Carrara marble and am thinking about the ones available from Signature Hardware. I am wondering if anybody has purchased one recently and can tell me what their marble looks like--is it light with hints of gray or is it filled with a ton of dark gray? It seems that the carrara available today is trending darker and darker to the point where I don't even think the lower-end price-point marble is actually carrara even when people say it is. I'm worried to order without being able to see it. I did that once already and the veining and marbling were ridiculous. there was so much dark gray in it that it looked like a completely different kind of stone. Thank you so much for your help. Unfortunately, where I live getting a remnant and having a custom install is crazy expensive, so I'm trying to avoid it. And I think I need carrara because I have a carrara hex floor. Thank you.

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