We got some "not required" pool space ;needs ideas on what to do?

9 years ago
last modified: 9 years ago
Dear all, I just purchased an apartment which has got in its balcony a small plunge pool of the size of about 6-7 feet wide, 12 feet long and with a depth of about 6 feet.

The place where we live has shortage of water and we dont intend to use this space as a plunge pool. I need some help on the ideas about what can be done with this space. A few ideas that I have thought about are
1- Just cover it up permanently and make a large sitting and plantation area

2- Can we make a semi-permanent wooden deck on the top with a hinged covered on one side which opens up to expose a staircase going down to a storage area

3- keep it as it is and possibly plant trees making use of the depth that is available.

I am most keen on option 2 above since storage is always welcome and a wooden deck would look very cool. Also need to keep in mind that the apartment is on first floor of the 11 floored building. Attached is the layout of apartment and the plunge pool is clearly identified. The measurements are about 6 ft x 12 feet x 6 ft deep.

Appreciate if you could help design this.

best regards

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