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last year

Like others project, We show our clients our projects where we deal with properties that need attractive expansions, boost in appearance, or lighting. On the same lines, we got our next challenging project. It was the home makeover of Mr Suman at Rajapushpa Regalia at Kokapet.

The client was looking for some wooden traditional look for their space and wanted to get it done in a very classic and traditional way. We took up the challenge sportingly and delivered results that were quite appalling. Mr Suman wanted to have the areas decked up in lights. Hence, we suggested the use of profile lights that could be used evenly throughout the false ceiling. This beautifully enhanced the overall décor of the living area and the wall paint became the room’s centre of attraction.

To keep the requirements as our priority, we started with the entire house to make it appear traditional. We chose to redesign the wardrobes across the house with wooden laminates. That was how the desired traditional look and feel was delivered in the best possible way.

We ventured into the kitchen area with a motive to make it stand out from the rest of the spaces within the house. Hence, we took the privilege of contrasting the décor with dark acrylic and lighter shades. We used the dark laminates for the bottom units and methodically implemented their placements. For the lofts, we took out the creamy light white shades. This gave an instant visual appeal to the area and defined its aesthetics even more gracefully. To highlight the space with more distinction, we planned out the rest of the kitchen area with brick pattern tiles. Since our client wanted a conventional look, this kind of tile selection looks very earthy and goes down well in our cultural timeline.

To increase the focus on the overall property, we tried bringing out the contrast game from the kitchen and made it evident in the rest of the rooms. Like we made the walls of the living room appealing enough with a bright yet soothing red and kept the cabinetry charcoal black. In the bedrooms, besides adorning the walls with wooden finish wardrobes, we also thought to keep the rest of the furniture in the same hue. This just worked perfectly as we have planned and we could put a subtle wall colour that embraced the entire décor pretty perfectly.

The owners were extremely satisfied and happy with the end result and we were also happy that we could meet their expectations. We would like to give the entire credit to our team and the vendor backup that helped us in this venture of ours.

Like this, we added another happy client to our list and made a long-lasting bond with our client,

and his family.