My Dream My Home

Dr.Nitin Raut
last year

17. Additionally, home security is manageable with the click of a button, ensuring that
automation accounts for all factors of comfort, livability, safety and security - thus
creating a haven that encapsulates modern HNI homes.
18. A modern home must have character.
A modern home character is when you open that door, and the foyer screams at you.
Here, welcome to this modern home. Spacious high ceiling. That's a personality that
that house has. And also part of that is the open floor plan. So their home has
personality when it has a ground foyer and a completely open floor plan.
19. Technology.
Nowadays, is about technology, everyone likes to have things in their home to make
their lives easier. Climate control security control, light control, shades are going up
and down electronically. Thermostats that actually you can set it up from your
smartphone or from your tablet when you are coming from the office if you work in an
Technology is one of the items that make a modern home desire.
20. Fully Stacked Kitchen
We all know how important it is a kitchen in everybody's home, it's the life of the
house. A fully stacked kitchen makes a luxurious home important, not only on the
size of the kitchen but the kind of appliances that it carry Top- notch appliances,
commercial appliances if possible. In a pantry, the size of the pantry plays a major
role in any modern home.

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