Can anyone help me decide how to dress the window on my staircase?

Adrienne Robins
4 months ago

I have a window on my staircase which has not been dressed since we moved here. We are now decorating the hall and staircase and have uncovered a lovely slate window cill, which is fantastic. But I'm unsure how to dress the window, if at all.

My initial thought was a single curtain panel on a shepherd's crook forged pole with a hold back. But the window cill sits directly on the same level as one tread. This would mean the panel falling either to exactly the cill level on the left hand side, with the floor a foot or so below, and sitting at floor level on the right hand side.

Alternatively, I could have the panel to the floor length on the left side, which would mean it would puddle when pulled (if pulled) on the right hand side.

Alternatively, I could opt for a blind and a dress curtain?? Or just a blind? Roman is what I was thinking.

I'm just not sure what will look right and wondered if anyone had any experience/advice. Or whether I should just leave it undressed and let the view do it's work?

Reasons for wanting to dress the window are:

  • there's a bit of a draft coming through the window. Old house, so lots of drafts obviously
  • the general house design is to have plain walls with curtains that add interest
  • the dog can see the cows in the field and barks at them every morning at 6am when they come in to be milked!

I've added a photo so you can see what I mean.

Here's hoping someone has some ideas.


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