A few must-have side table décor items

Eva thakur
5 months ago

Can you see that emptiness of your tables, they need your help. The tiny table alongside your bedroom or on the corner of the living room is seeking your observation. When your entire home is decorated amazingly, why not give some importance and attention to the side table as well?

Let’s transform that useless table and utilize it to be a part of your decoration style. Here are some fabulous table décor items from Zuriac that may enhance the grace of your dull table.

The designer clock:

Decorating a clock is not as boring as it may sound. When the clock you are using for decoration is not just a simple round clock but is a clock inbuilt within a bike sculpture. Sounds amazing, no? Clocks are a classy piece of decorative items that makes your place have an elegant look.

Human sculptures:

They have a range of human sculptures with different styles and designs. One of their spectacular table décors is manufactured to represent three musicians standing holding different instruments. This product is a perfect match to attain a traditional look and flaunt your culture at the same time. Several other similar items are suitable for traditional as well as contemporary styles.

The deer Figurine:

This deer figurine is another splendid item to be included in your list of decorations. This shows two deer standing in different poses.


The most useful and trendy thing to be decorated especially in your bedroom’s side table is a lamp. It makes your bedroom glow with a unique brightness. They are certainly an old decoration thing, yet they are still trendy and will remain trendy in the future as well.

Their table decoration items do not only look striking but they are made up using superior quality material. Their collection of decorative products is unique and can match different decoration styles of the individuals. Explore their products and begin the decoration of your home with ease.