Suggestions on matching this flooring?

2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

Anyone have suggestions on color schemes and furniture types that would match the tile here? We may want to repaint eventually but not necessarily right away. Hard to understand what would work best with the "busy" tile. We'd prefer not to deal with ripping all of the tile out (expensive!) and it's actually in great condition so seems a bit excessive to go through all that. Perhaps considering some area rugs? And if so, what styles/patterns?

EDIT: Floating LVP or whatever *over* the tile has crossed my mind but I'm not sure how the end-product would look or feel - I've heard, depending on the flatness of the existing tile installation, that floating flooring over it could be something that doesn't turn out too well (particularly due to the tile joint and grout lines).

I'm also considering replacing the carpeting (staircase and all of the upstairs) but wondering what color(s)/patterns would work best for those. We would probably look into Coretec LVP for that piece. The upstairs baths have the same tiling as downstairs so we would likely want to just leave that alone and install the LVP in the hallways, rooms and stairs.


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