Seeking for 3D design plan

Satyajit Bose
3 months ago

I am about to step into my new home. So, I would like get ideas about my customizations based on below bullets.
1. Currently balcony is enclosed having a one partition wall with the dining area. I would like to open it with a sliding glass door, but the balcony space bit small.
2. There is a attached balcony with one bedroom which is quite big but I don't see any use of it. So, how can utilize this space? I am not intend to make it as a storage space.
3. Need some suggestions about beautification, interiors in the current living, dining area
4. Feel free to share dummy interior pictures of a 2bhk's bathroom, kitchen
P.S : I won't go for false cealing
Feel free to share any other mindful advice/suggestions in the current floor plan layout
I have the full video of my flat, I can share if needed.

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