Confused where do I place TV unit in this L shape hall?

Siddu Dubey
29 days ago
last modified: 29 days ago

I'll describe my dilemma in detail. The pic below has the dimensions and also shows doors and windows in the L shape hall I have.

The top of the pic is the East direction, so I have to add a small Mandir/Pooja area in top-left corner (north-east). The top-right space is the kitchen connected to the hall by a door shown in the pic. The bottom-left door is the main entrance to hall, the bottom-right door is door to master bedroom.

Having set the scene, my dilemma is, where do I put a TV unit for a nice sitting layout in this hall?

Options I have considered:

1. A divider separating dining area and sitting area, then put the TV unit on sitting area side of the divider. The drawback is, divider makes room size look small, and the diners will not be able to watch TV.

2. TV unit in front of wall section between main entrance and master bedroom entrance (the wall at bottom). The drawback is, TV unit will be an an angle (not straight) from the viewers on couch/sofa, considering the only place for couch will be left wall. Also, when the main door is open, the light and door itself will cause inconvenience to viewers.

3. TV unit below (or just adjacent to) the staircase. This seems great when imagining, utilizes the space well. But the stairs and its railing will be a distraction to the viewers, and diners will not be able to watch TV.

Fellow community members, professionals and home owners, could you please add your suggestion or preference for one of the options mentioned above or an altogether new option? If some one has practically executed design of a similar place, please add your suggestion/thoughts about my apprehensions with the options above.

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