How To Create Designer Looks with Porcelain Tiles

last year

Whenever one mentions porcelain tiles, terms like durability, long-lasting, easy to clean, and low maintainability follow. What people generally don’t realize is that porcelain tiles are also the most stylish bunch of tiles available in the market. So if you’re planning to create a design concept for a particular setup or an overall decor, you should try and explore the ever-expanding world of porcelain tiles.

Create the classic look

No designer catalog is complete without a design called “The Classic” and the same is the case with porcelain tiles. When we talk about classic tiles here, most of us would picture a decor consisting of marble tiles. The marble look is an age-old look that, well, never gets old. It is the definition of classic as it oozes luxury and class. So, if you plan to add that dash of luxury to your decor, marble look tiles are the best solution. Marble look tiles in porcelain type bring you the look and durability of marble, and added features of a porcelain tile. It will bring you the best of both worlds and you won’t have to bear the cost of marble either.

While you’re on the lookout, do check out the collection at Orientbell. At Orientbell’s website, you will find PCG Calcutta Gold Marble, ODP Morris Beige, PCG Crystal Onyx and many other marble tile options in porcelain material.

Go for minimalistic design

There is a great percentage of people who like to keep it simple. No popping out patterns, no bright sparkles, just a simple minimalist look that’ll add that pinch of grace to the decor. Blenda Grey, GFT FT ODP Morris Crema, GFT BDM Zepia Beige are some of the tiles available at Orientbell that’ll provide you the look you were looking for. You can always visit the website and have a look at the porcelain tiles collection.

Inch closer to nature

The natural look is kind of “in” these days. People have started feeling the urge to be close to nature amid busy urban and city lives. One way to get close to nature in its true form is by incorporating natural elements in the house and office decor. Some of Orientbell’s tiling concepts will help you do just that.

One of the most popular ways of giving your setup a natural look is by opting for wooden look tiles. Wooden look in porcelain tiles has been very popular lately as it gives that organic and earthy feeling, while being durable, low-maintenance and long-lasting which are the essential features of porcelain tiles. GFT ODP Aster Wood Brown, BDW Alder Brown and BDW Koa Plank Brown are some of the best examples of porcelain tiles in the wooden look that are available at Orientbell.

The outdoors and indoors

With extended indoor and outdoor areas among upcoming trends, porcelain tiles can be the perfect fit. Being the heavy-duty tiles that they are, they’ll be able to withstand extreme pressure and extreme climatic and weather conditions. They will also remain a stylish and trendy option for an indoor setup.

With so many options to explore, porcelain tiles are sure to fulfill all your tiling needs. While you’re on the lookout for the perfect tile, do visit Ortientbell’s no-click, user-friendly website which will help you narrow down your research to as close to your perfect pick as it is possible. While you’re on the website, you should also try a couple of digitally groundbreaking features by Orientbell, TriaLook and SameLook. These features, which are basically visualizer apps, will help you be sure about the tiles that you’re looking for.

TriaLook is a very advanced feature that allows you to virtually see how a particular tile will look in a certain application space. All you’ve got to do is click a picture of your application area and upload it. The feature will virtually install the tiles in your space and you can get a fair idea of how the area will look post actual application.

SameLook is a feature where you can find what you’re looking for. Sometimes, the look of a tile will just click for you and you would want something similar. If that is so, just click a picture of that particular tile, using the SameLook app, and it will surf the Orientbell website for you and find the exact same tile or the closest looking tile to it.

Create your own designs in porcelain tiles with the help of Orientbell. It’s surely simple and the options it will throw up are unmatched.