Immediate storage construction- Mumbai. Please advise

2 years ago
last modified: 2 years ago

We want to create storage space for our personal stuff before we rent the apartment. We have two old steel Godrej cupboards in a bedroom with available overhead space. We want to use this space for storage by constructing an overhead, wall to wall, cabinet (box). This will be 11 feet in length, wall to wall, and because of the way the bedroom door comes in the way (taller than the Godrej cupboards), the storage box will not rest on the cupboards. I need your advice about these two questions (both are important): (Q1) What plywood should we use which will not sag in the middle? Can you please give the recommended brand, quality specifications, Merine Ply/ Or Not, etc? (Q2). Will we be able to use this storage later, if we decide to get rid of the Godrej Cupboards and build a wardrobe later? or will we have to get rid of this and build a whole unit at that time? (I am traveling, so tried to get you the best representation of layout though it is not actual photo.

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