1950s tile vantiy: Anyone know how to remove it?

Virginia Lines
3 months ago
last modified: 3 months ago

I think the tile is beautiful. There are some big buts here though. The sink is rusted through, and since its an undermount, I see no way to replace it and keep the vanity. Also, the vanity cabinet is in crummy shape.

I can find no one who has removed this kind of vanity. Fifties tile is not just any tile. It's set with metal mesh, and made to last forever. I tried an angle grinder at the edge of the vanity even though it sickened me to mar the tile, but I neeeded to use two hands for a very fierce one-handed tool, and it scared me, so i quit. Also, the dust was crazy. I wonder about cutting the wood instead of the tile - just cut around the vanity below the tile and remove the tile's support. ( ??)

I can hire a handyman for a couple of hours, but none has direct experience with this. I saw a guy on youtube dealing with this tile in a shower, but thats a different thing.

When I get the vanity out, I'll need to consider the wall - finding tile that integrates with the remaining green or figure out how to clad w ith wainscote in a way that looks correct and not like the patch it will, or course be. I'm cosidering a smaller vantiy or a pedestal sink and octagonal dot floor or something that nods to the era. Thanks for any thoughts.

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