Integrated Microwave and Oven combo v/s table top

last month

Hi, can someone advise what is a practical/better option to go with:

  1. Integrated Microwave and Oven combo - of course this looks great, and conserves space
  2. Table top - flexibility for maintenance and replacement

Pros & cons, anyone?

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  • PRO
    Cornerstone Design Studio India
    last month

    SRM, it's a subjective answer and usually depends on your usage, budget and space planning.

    What suits others might not fit you as well. Having said that, general trend nowadays is towards inbuilt options.

    Cornerstone Designs, Bangalore.

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  • Gus Mangaly
    last month

    I considered the combination oven + microwave option for our new kitchen in Kochi, but decided against it for the following reason - the microwave will be the most used item of the combo and if that requires replacement, it will be very difficult to get an exact replacement to fit the space and keep look as the original. By keeping the microwave in a open top cabinet, you can still get the semi built-in look.

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  • PRO
    Vibrant Spaces
    23 days ago

    Both built-in and freestanding have their merits. Here are a few pros and cons for each. Go through them and choose an option that best fits your space, your lifestyle as well as your budget.

    Pros for Built-ins

    • Room for extra draws and cabinets
    • Allows for a wider range of cooking options even in a small space
    • Installed at any height to avoid bending


    • Moving is costly and time-consuming

    Pros for freestanding oven and microwave

    • Easily moved around
    • Easy to match with standard cabinet sizes
    • Choice of electric or gas top
    • Single or double oven


    • They require more space than wall ovens.
    • They may not fit flush with your countertops.
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