Need help to discerning an exhaust fan requirement

Harsha N
2 years ago

Attached are the photos of the kitchen. It’s a totally open space, completely visible from the living area. The left window is NW facing, and has a box grill. The hob is being installed under this window. The right window is a balcony that we’ve made a part of the kitchen. And these sliding windows are ceiling to floor and bring in ample light. Now the issue that we are facing is that the left smaller window was supposed to have fixed windows on the side housing an exhaust fan and sliding windows but there was some measuring glitch and now the fixed side window panels are not an option. The vendor suggested we do a small fixed window on the left (with an exhaust fan) and sliding windows attached to it. But I am opposed to having a bathroom like exhaust fan freely visible from the living area. Totally spoils the aesthetics. What i was wondering is if an exhaust fan can be skipped given the placement of the left and the right windows. And if not, can someone pls pls pls suggest what can be done? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!