stairecase design

Rajesh K singh
2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

I need help to design and construct staircase for my duplex home where space is constraints

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    Dream Design
    last month

    Greetings From Dream Design,

    As per your Inputs we are suggestion you some ideas

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    Luxaire Luxury Fans
    last month
    last modified: last month

    Hi Rajesh, you haven't shared the sqft or design layout, Any L shaped or Spiral staircase is best for compact lobby. You may choose a tall chandelier or a Pendant Light for a wow effect!

    Eco Luxury Pendant Lighting for Bungalow - from Luxaire · More Info

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    Colour Ur Blank Spaces
    last month

    Hello Rajesh,

    Would like to understand the space dimensions that you currently have.

    Also on a separate note would like to show you the 3d Views of one of our client with similar requirement that might be helpful for your staircase and landing spaces.

    Hope they are helpful for you.



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    rayndom studio
    18 days ago

    In what terms is your space constrained? width wise? height wise?
    You could email me your drawings so that I may be able to provide you with some specific solutions.