Should I have 2 pantry closets?

2 months ago

Over the weekend, I was researching ways to keep a 24 inch deep pantry cabinet organize. It seems that most believe a pantry that deep should be avoided because things will get lost and forgotten.

I currently have a reach in pantry closet and have no issue with it. I organized it using basket and labels. The issue is the location. It is next to the door that goes to the laundry room and then garage. (1st picture)

The current plan is to use that closet as storage for items not used often (small appliance, etc) and bulk storage. I then added a pantry cabinet on the other end of the wall. (2nd picture)

My question would it make since to add another pantry closet instead of the pantry cabinet in that location? I know it would be easier to put a cabinet but would that closet function better? Or am I overthinking (like I’ve been doing this whole project) and the pantry cabinet will be fine?

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