New build living room too small...what can I do?

2 years ago

I went to the site today to see the first floor framed and my heart dropped when I was in the living is too small. I don't think the architect took into account that the couch cannot be in front of the hallway entrance, therefore it minimizes the actual living room space to 10x14. From the back of the couch to the wall with the fireplace and TV there will be only be 10 ft. I am so worried that is just going to be too small. Is there anything else I can do? Should I eliminate the office and incorporate that into the living room or will that just create an odd shape and not make it more functional. Is 10ft feasible?

The main driver of building this house was the open, spacious and functional kitchen/family room and we don't have that. I relied to much on my architect and didn't double check measurements.

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