Pooja Room planning /dimensions/ can be fit in rarely used Bed Room

Hi Team,

Attaching the floor plan of my 3 Bed Room Apartment.

We will build separate pooja room enclosed with door to sit & worship.

We have 3 doubts . Can someone please advise.

1. Our planned Pooja room comes in north east corner of the house & we will worship facing east.

2. As we are setting up pooja room in Bed Room 3 as enclosed setup. Is it ok to have separate pooja room inside Bed Room 3 where we don't sleep in general.

Planning only single bed in that as am setting up WFH option as well there.

3. We planned 3.75'X4' pooja room initially to make 15 sft in size but someone said the size shouldn't be in decimals.

Is it ok with 3.75'X4' or should we change to 3'X5' to make 15sft.

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