Need Help with Furniture Placement in Rented Room

Hi All,

I am attaching the layout of the room we wish to furnish in our rented apartment. Some items that we have to accommodate are,

  1. Sofa cum bed
  2. Study table (permanent/foldable) + Chair
  3. Wardrobe + Shoebox
  4. Full Length Mirror
  5. TV + Sound system
  6. Book racks

Please note that this is a living room which we will be using as a bedroom, hence the sofa cum bed. The door on the bottom left corner is the entrance door, and the gap on the upper right side is the entryway to the kitchen.

This is a rented apartment so we cannot do any major installations, just needed some help with the best possible furniture layout.

Please drop your suggestions and let me know if there are any questions. Thanks a lot! :)

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