Confused with so many online reviews for kitchen inbuilt appliances

Swati Chopra
3 days ago

Hello, So we are looking for inbuilt ovens and hob & chimney. I was considering Bosch or Kaff as Haefelle had bad reviews but seems like even their after sale services are not that great. Which other brand do you recommend Faber or Elica. Any recommendations for chimneys with low noise. Thanks a lot.

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    Miloni Mehta
    2 days ago

    Carysil, Bosch, Kaff, Faber, Nagold, these are all good. bed reviews are never universal. you'll find both side to all these brands as well

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    Cornerstone Design Studio India
    2 days ago

    Swati, Chimneys are relatively new to Indian psyche. We are not very much used to buying/ using it effectively. Hence a lot of unhappy reviews.

    Compare decibels, suction power, services and select an appropriate model than a brand. Few options like baffle filter auto clean are good features.

    We have had good experiences with Siemens Bosch, Hafelle and Faber. Do remember, A lot also depends on how diligently it is used.

    Cornerstone Designs, Bangalore.

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  • Swati Chopra
    Original Author
    2 days ago

    Thank you, any recommendations for built in ovens?

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    Urban Kitchens
    21 hours ago

    Hello Swati,

    Regarding built-in ovens, most of these ovens work in a similar manner, the only difference is in their capacity, an oven with a moderate capacity of 67-70 liters should be more than adequate.
    If we talk about different companies, most of the built-in ovens are same, whether they are built by one company or another, what's more important is the after sales service and we have had great experience with hindware built-in ovens but you can also go with faber or elica(they are a bit more expensive).

    Urban Kitchens