Jenn Air vs Bertazzoni appliances

3 days ago

We are purchasing a full kitchen of appliances for our new build. I appreciate both quality and aesthetics, too, and yes, I cook often, but not gourmet...more homestyle basics. Now. I'm stumped. I've narrowed down my selection to the above. Jenn Air has a 42" refrigerator available and the appliances available are beautiful. Bertazzoni has only 36" size, and it is very nice looking too. Both have the French door style we want. Both also have the 48" stove/oven combo I want. I will probably have these appliances forever...The price difference is substantial (Jenn Air being more) even though both manufacturers have good rebates. I think I could be happy either way, but want to make the wisest choice. I'd love input from anyone who has either brand of these appliances and who can speak to their function and durability over time, and any joy or pain associated with the purchase and daily use. Thanks!

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    Cornerstone Design Studio India
    3 days ago


    Your query has landed in Houzz India section. We don't have these brands locally available. You may want to repost selecting an appropriate country.

    Cornerstone Designs, Bangalore.