I am looking for steel framed farm house with 1200sft ( 40X30) 2BHK

8 months ago

I am writing to you to butt down some of my requirements as suggested by you.

1) The land is 15,000/- sqft. ( It is a slight sloppy land)

2) I am interested in building a 1200 sqft house with 2BHK with attached toilets.

3) My idea is to split the house into three main areas ( drawing, dining with open kitchen comprises of 600 sqft) Two bedrooms on either side with roughly 300 sqft each) ( rectangle shape with 40ftX 30ft - 1200 sqft)

4) A covered balcony running the entire length of 40Ft ( 400 sqft total)

5) the entire frontage will have glass doors or panels to make the best use of greenery around.

6) Mudroom, small pantry & storeroom need to be incorporated.

7) roof is made of metal depending on the design.

8) skylight could be wonderful.

9) we are looking at esthetically smart & functional house to kind of live into & rent out one bedroom to support extra income. ( having a separate entrance would help)

I am contactable at 8007800669.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Regards Girish Lall

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    8 months ago

    Hi Girish Lall,

    we can help you design your exterior and interior with new design with in your budget.

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    I am attaching some reference project.

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