Suggestions/ improvements in the plan ? and need help with staircase

Aditi Ahalawat
last month

The corner room with bath on the left is servant quarter, this is for me and my parents, I like spacious and greens but they have always lived in a govt house with a huge garden and they know what a mess and time consuming it can be. trying to find balance with plants and trees that require less or no maintenance. The plot isn't too big for a garden either way it is 29 to 49. they want spacious, clutter free home with natural light and air. it is a corner plot with a pathway at the corner and next to it is a park so walls will have to big for privacy. Thank you for any suggestions to achieve this and mostly need help understanding a better way to place the staircase.

there will be two rooms with the same wardrobe concept and a small store on second floor.

Also was think about going for brick sofas and beds like Bali ? well my parents have not agreed on that. Any plus points for me to make them change their mind?

Since due to the fact that lockdown had been extended the official planning has not started but i tried to make an outline to understand what do we want from the builder.. so appologies for the map being not the way it is suposed to be. Thank you for helping!

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