Ideas on remodeling a large en suite bathroom w/out bathtub.

2 years ago

We recently had severe water damage mostly to our en suite master bath. it is a large space and having to be completely redone from floors to ceiling. We don't think we want a bath tub. Prior to damage our bathroom had no doors; to bathroom, on shower or toilet. We have two vents to allow for a private toilet. Dual vanities are a must. We also had that and loved it although we need more storage for towels and such. Any ideas are welcome. It's approximately 10x15 if not 12x15 (I haven't measured it myself) Shower by itself is probably 6x6.

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    P K Associates
    2 years ago

    Hi MJ,

    As per your requirements, you should hire an interior designer. This need to be planned properly. Please let me know where are you located? You can refer the image below to get an idea.