Flooring options in high moisture regions

last month

My parents live in an old traditional Kerala house. the floors haven't been altered in the last thirty years or so- it has just had coats of red oxide.
It rains a lot in the area, and the water table is generally high. The floor has been showing wet patches these past couple of rainy seasons.
What flooring option can deal with this? How much work would this involve? (Ie is it just laying tiles or some porous flooring, or would it involve other measures too?)
Thank you!

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    i would recommend that the new flooring should definitely complement the traditional feel of the space. You should consider this flooring replacement as part of a restoration process and see the entire building in its holistic manner.

    Bad examNew glossy vitrified tiles and such would be a terrible choice.

    You can consider an IPS flooring as a suitable replacement. IPS flooring is usually done with thicker concrete of about 3" to 4" thickness. This will help in resisting any capillary moisture too from entering the floor. You can do various design/pattern/colours and can even customise something that is unique to your taste and house.

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