Elevation dilema for triplex house

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Dear Experts, Could you please help me with the elevation that suits this triplex house, I am looking at some modern and contemporary design, but somehow things are not looking good, Could you please provide your feedback and suggestions ? the last pic is the basic building structure and the first two pics are the elevations tried. looking forward for you inputs, thanks in advance

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    P K Associates

    Hi Raju,

    This is somewhat similar, but not exactly same. You can pick the elements from this elevation.Hope this will be helpful.



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    Ravi Prakash Architect

    Hi Raju,

    I think the design is going in good direction already. Although corner windows looks more impressive but increase the front part of it a bit as there is lesser setback in the side.

    The kind of pattern maintained in boundary gate; try incorporating the same in the front wooden block as well.

    Rest is fine.

  • Pravin Bilhore

    How it is

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    GJ Studio

    Option 2 looks pretty good. The corner fixed window is a modern touch that I don't favour much. While it allows a corner view, the glass is fixed, so doesn't help with ventilation . I prefer option 2 which is less blocky and opaque. You could possibly combine 1 and 2 to get a larger corner view and have some openable shutters too!

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    SAB design studio

    Go for corner windows that gives modern look and add small openable windows in front