Living room interior design challenge

Jitendra Soni
8 months ago

Request your suggestion on most suitable place for TV unit with type of tv unit and sofa setup. At bottom is my civil plan with dummy placements of furniture. Plot is 30/50, West facing, with 4 square feet transparent glass on double-height and civil work completed. I kept living area large, since this is where the family spends the most time and I want to leave no stone unturned to make it look beautiful & utilitarian.
Issues I am facing

  1. TV on Southside: I am ending up restricting the double-height view ( I have double-height on the Right-hand side after entry) . Also Blocking the view from the entry or squeezing setting place.
  2. TV on Westside: blocking the view or indoor garden (I have an indoor garden moment you enter inside the home, on the left side.)
  3. TV on Eastside: reflection from open walls of West & East. Also blocking the indoor garden view.
  4. TV on North Wall: Person will seat with a back on double-height, also giving back to any activity on the home. Seating may obstruct movement from entry to living.