Accent wall in living room

Rashpreet Alang
4 months ago

I need some ideas about incorporating a stone cladding wall in the living room. I am adding the layout and also the kind of wall I am leaning towards. I just need opinions about what would look good here. The tv wall and the adjacent walls are separated only by doors of the bedrooms and bathroom. So should there be one uniform pattern/stone cladding all through out? or should only one portion be highlighted? and how can just one portion of wall be highlighted with stone cladding? Pls refer the floor plan in which I have drawn a red line in front of the TV wall and green line in front of the wall adjacent to TV wall but separated by the bedroom door. The pic with work in progress is the one of the tv wall as it is at present. So pls advice as to which wall should be highlighted and how considering the fact that it is all one long wall separated only by doors.

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