Floor tile trend help please


Floor tiles change in my 2BHK apartment is on cards. Living area is 10X17; kitchen 10X15 and bedrooms of 10X10, 10X12 ft.

Visited one wholesale tile shop but got confused.

Moreover the owner showed only limited designs saying, this one is in trend; digital tiles dont match with each other(design breaks), etc.

Out of 4-5 designs(2-3 were beige, light brown, cream couloured, which are prefered by mid range builders in current flats) we finalized the one shown below. But still not satisfied on my choice.

Please give your opinion on following points:

1. Which type of tiles are in trend, but will not look too much gaudy?

2. Our contractor said current trend is of single design tiles all over area. Can it be because more convenience for him? I would love to know if there are any trends in "mix and match" or room wise separate tiles?

(I just image searched some luxury apartments and got the have done 2-3 tone flooring, it looks good. or is it good for bigger rooms only?)

3. I love to change furnishing themes often, should I go for neutral colours or any other accent like colour?

4. Any merits, demerits of bigger tiles, like 4X2 feet?

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