Renovation:: Do you really need to dump all old things?


I will like to get some technical inputs from professionals.

I am going to renovate my home( an apartment purchased almost 15 years ago ) as some of the things are gone really old.

Tiles: Some of the floor tiles seem hollow and some have already came off. I shall be changing all the floor tiles. But Do I need to change dado tiles too, if those are quite firm and neutral to blend in any design.

Bathroom: As above, can changing 'only floor tiles' impact on structural function like water proofing etc?

Furniture: We have some wooden as well as plywood pieces. We shall be keeping wooden pieces as it is. But need to change plywood pieces.

I am interested in recycling plywood(Its quality is good). But good carpenters do not take such projects and new/ small carpenters can't give good finish. Is it important to have new plywood every time?

Kitchen countertop: Can it be carefully removed and used at same place or as other cabinet tops?

My first intention is to reuse and recycle things to reduce waste. Cost saving is another bi-product.

Please provide your valuable suggestions with respect to design, structural strength and other aspects.

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