Main entrance design

farooq ahmed
5 August 2019

This wall is in parking area facing east.. The orange arrow indicates main door to Living Room, Blue arrow indicates drawing room door.. There is a wall between drawing and Living.
The external look is looking odd due to difference in door heights on same wall..
Is there any Way to make it look good?

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    JS Design

    Hello Sir,

    I'm an interior Designer & i can help you out with these problem.We can fix this with hiding difference using plywood paneling.

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    JS Design

    I can help you in making entrance door design

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    Cornerstone Design Studio India


    Please share the floor plan. why are the 2 doors made.of different heights.

  • farooq ahmed

    The main door is a designer door and hence more height... The door of drawing room is normal

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    Liveup Homes

    Hi farooq,

    What i am thinking that there is no need of this partition here between hall or the drawing room

    If you need the partition then you can add some decorative partitions like

    This is wooden partition with the racks where you can put some showpieces and artifacts

    moreover you can have those plasterboard partition too that can go well with the white texture

    in accordance with that the front entrance door shouldn't have to be separated one for drawing room and one for hall or living room so in that case it looks quite large and luxurious.

    Here are some of the entrance door designs you may have

    so with this you may can choose a better design for your entrance door and can suits to the exteriors as well which you are planning to go for.

    I Hope this will help


  • farooq ahmed

    Wow.. U have some of the best options :-)
    But unfortunately the brick wall is already constructed and the door frame is also fixed as in the pic.. :-(
    Now what option is available?

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    Liveup Homes

    Hi Farooq,

    In that case you can go with some concealed door types which can bring out the clean look to the entrance and can go matching with the exterior green makeovers too

    This can go really cool with the woody and green exterior decor. and brings out a clean look to the makeover.

    since you have two doors so you can go with the design above and decorate it with green planters sets or some other artifacts which can bring out a zen look to the decor.

    you can go with these designs as well.

    As according to the entrance design discussed in the floor plan or in the picture above, there are two doors: one is heading to the drawing room and other to the living

    so in that case between the two doors you can do some decorative partition like the one shown in the above picture as it can help in putting some artifacts to the exterior and bring out a zen look to the decor

    Use that partitioned area to be used to do some mixed art makeovers by putting some planters or some showpieces and thus making it a better look altogether.

    so i think this might help


  • farooq ahmed
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><md>Thank u so much for the cool ideas.. Live up Homes
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    Cornerstone Design Studio India

    You can create a single step near the orange door.

    The purple door should also have the transom windows to match the height. A small bit of civil work can fix that.

  • farooq ahmed

    Both the doors r at same height from ground and requires a step to enter

    However somehow we forgot to add a Transom window to the purple door..
    Is there anyway to make it look good without doing any civil work?

  • Tasnimur Rahman

    I am shifting to my ancestral home in a small town. Presently, the entrance looks as in the photograph. I need to change it now, but want to keep the intricately designed sides. Could I be helped?
    One photograph shows the cement structure which gives entry to the main door, the close up of which is also included.

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    Cornerstone Design Studio India

    Doorframe looks 99% fine you can just get the doors changed in a similar design .

    However, the building looks dilapidated, please get a professional analysis done to see if it can be renovated without compromising on safety.

  • Ravindra Chouhan
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    ambika interior

    where r u from??

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    Ocean Arc

    drawing room above panel like window or make window. Main door put step like sitout

  • rachelra

    Is adding a faux trim/section mimicing the other side doable?