House Plan dilemma

farooq ahmed
17 July 2019

Swapped kitchen with drawing

Removed utility area and used space for drawing and extended same area in hall and adjusted MD (main door) as indicated by arrow

Now main door opens in hall and a seperate door for drawing as indicated

Added a door in bedroom 2 to access set back area on north

Added a door in New kitchen to access set back on east side and use the set back for utility

Closed the previous main door area and added a window labelled as W
Request to suggest these changes r OK?

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    Rupal shah

    There might be safety issues as the main door is just next to your main gate. Bathroom sizes are not correct. You need to specify your requirements for proper guidance.

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    Liveup Homes

    Hi Farooq

    According to the plan given above as specified the bathroom size made with an incorrect design as its door opens just while entering the bedroom area and it can be good if it will be made a bit away from the entrance of the bedroom.

    Maybe the door of the bathroom should face the master bed then it can be considerable.

    The Hall area is okay but it doesn't need a requirement of a separate drawing area, It's better you can use that space as a whole and make it a grand living room or something which can make the room look large enough

    The main door should be made at the W marked side as it can open to the parking area and also doesn't obstruct the given design whatsoever.

    I Hope this might help

    I hope this might help

    please connect @liveuphomes


  • Yogesh Tiwari

    3o'*50 ka plan bejo east facing

  • farooq ahmed

    The plan that use sent is south facing and 44 x 37