Suggest me one good theme

Lavanya Varma
14 June 2019

Hello. Suggest me one good theme for 3bhk flat. I want to follow one pattern for my complete house. interested in cool ambience looks. i thought to go with ivory/white for wall to setup hue(suggestions welcome) ,but need an advice on colour combinations for wardrobes . (kitchen n bedrooms)
Thank you !!

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    Your query regarding theme is ok,. is your flat completed by flooring??

  • Lavanya Varma

    tq for the reply :) and Yes .. complete flat is done with marble flooring expect master bedroom. Master bedroom with wooden flooring.

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    I think you can go ahead with your White/ivory.

    Depending on how much daylight is entering, how much you want... how it looks on night! you may refer few images, n select the lamintes, furnishings, etc.

    For your kitchen, you can opt for beige with warm white lights ...

    Balconies add greenery to balance it out!!

    For your reference:

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    Which car should I buy :D ..

    Without knowing your personality type and preferences a random suggestions for your interiors would not be adding much value and may even confuse you.

    Best way is to look around , see what you like, keep a note of it , plan your budget and then seek professional help/advice.

    Hope it makes sense.

    Cornerstone Designs Bangalore

  • Lavanya Varma

    haha agree . thank you . ;)

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    Archkruti Studio

    I would recommend you to go ahead with the white/ivory theme since it’s most trending and evergreen. You can refer the below images; had designed for a client ;)

    It’s a 2bhk apartment.

  • Lavanya Varma

    very impressive. thank you for the suggestion.

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    SAB design studio

    go with light grey theme and white wooden pattern

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    Antariksh design studio

    hi Lavanya varma,

    Always kitchen is very usable area of home. so use plain color for your below storage. use colour as per suitable with your floor and ceiling.

    our project images,

    Thank you,

    Studio Antariksh

    Surat | Gujarat

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    SAB design studio

    Go for light grey and white color theme

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    Luxe Home Decors

    You are thinking on Scandinavian interior design, I guess, so for kitchen stick to wooden cabinets. Sofa and all go for leather and brown, add a bit of greenery here and there. Google it up. It gives a nice fresh feel unless of course if there is a lot of dust in that case I would suggest avoid white.

  • Lavanya Varma
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><md>thank you all for all the suggestions. your ideas helped me . tq