interior for my new homw


I want to get my interiors done for my new house.
what all things I shud know before even assigning a interior designer for my new house?.

  1. how to know whether d designer I choose is perfect and in budget .. and vl not compromise on quality.

plz suggest. your suggestion might make me little clear in taking a approach.

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    Wing Feather Impressions


    Your query is well appreciated!!

    Firstly your hand over stage! Raw structure or completed?

    Next elements of the inside requirement!

    Flooring, Ceiling, modular kitchen, wardrobes, bathroom design, etc.

    How much you want to invest per sqft /

    Market rate starts from 700/sft and depending on your inputs, size of your property, Individual house/high rise flat???

    Above all based on presentation/communication with interior designer, it's possible to shortlist!!

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    Ravi Prakash Architect

    Hi Aishwarya,

    You should first note down on a paper about what you really want to achieve with this interior work which includes scope of work, your budget, your likes and dislikes, your deadlines etc.

    And then you may approach a designer and share your data so that he/she can guide and provide you with a proposal. Once you agreed onto proposal you may finalize the designer and proceed with the formalities and work.

    Hope that helps!

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    Cornerstone Design Studio India

    Aishwarya, First step is to have a initial requirements and budget earmarked.

    See the professionals project pics, site inspection, behaviour, field knowledge and then ask for quotation.

    Take feedback from past clients on responsiveness and quality and after project delivery support.

    This should be sufficient to identify an appropriate partner.

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    GJ Studio

    Aishwarya, we don't know what your budget is. As Cornerstone says, you can only go by the work done by designers and what their customers say about them. List out your requirements, and decide how much you can spend on your interiors. For that you also need to have some idea about prevailing trends. A good thumb rule would be about 10 to 15% of the cost of the house itself. And if you are on a tight budget, then list out what you absolutely must have immediately and what can be deferred till later. For instance, the fitted cabinetry has to be done right away, but maybe you can put off buying that special wing chair or sectional sofa for another 6 months. You can ask your interior designer to guide you in your future purchases also. For instance, loose furniture, drapes, lighting etc