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Piyush Baghel
5 May 2019

1500sq fit plot size

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    Hi Piyush,


    The plan seems to be perfect , also there are various factors which can be dealt while planning the interior like

    1) how if the parking area is isolated from living room so some green space like vegetation or garden which may dividel the two and also a beautiful verandah with shrubs around . you have plenty of space so it is very much possible to play with the spaces also allowing a courtyard if possible, people do it. it's so pleasing and overwhelming. i know it takes some maintenance but some work apart from your roj ki bhag dod se acha, give some time on nature. if need be water can also be part of you space.

    2) the surroundings will be very important as to how much are the openings and what type and where do they open. doesn't all this matter? what do you see and what not.

    3)if there is no roof then how much hot it will be inside, are you looking to go for a.c. but there are many alternative technologies which you can go for to really make the interior more humane and comfortable.

    4) are you looking for vaastu considerations. that is also a factor to be considered.

    5) our kitchen seems to be a little smaller. i dont know how are your family looking to use the space and need storage and things.

    there are certainly lot of factors which will be needed to considered while designing. pls let me know if you want all this to integrate and have a peaceful and far from hustle bustle of the city home.

    thanks and regards


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    Rushabh Consultancy

    Yes, how can we help you???

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    Naksh Designs - Shibani Mehta
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    Rushabh Consultancy

    It will cost you

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    Your room placements are perfect. but i think your kitchen size is little small compare to other room size. i suggest you to keep your dinning space 17 x 10 and kitchen size 8 x 9.

    and drawing room width is also little small. make is 12 x 12 . take a same width as your left corner bedroom.

    thank you

    shailee shah

  • Gautam Bansal
    Hi, i believe you can get a better planning in the space you have. you can contact me personally on 9930621521. i can definitely assist you with a better layout. we are into turnkey projects that start with designing, govt approvals, construction, interior designing and execution.
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    Rupal shah

    Hello Piyush, you surely needs to alter the kitchen and the two bathroom sizes .

  • Hannah Jhonson

    You may contact any professional architect or expert contractors for this work.

  • Nisha Patil

    I think, kitchen size is too small ,it can freely used with dining area to be comfortable and balanced with drawing room.Otherwise remaining plan is perfect.Thank you.