Help me pick a white paint to achieve Scandinavian look. [More Inside]

Ajinkya Pokharkar
2 years ago
last modified: 2 years ago

I am no expert, but I'm trying to emulate the Scandinavian/minimalist look. Can some of you experts here recommend me a shade of white color from Asian Paints if not any other will do too.

The flooring is made up of beige tiles. False ceiling is pretty much minimalist will be painted white and the colors of our furniture are primarily of wooden shade with little bit of warm white and grey in between. The sofa will be light cool grey colored.

I have to choose 2 accent walls excluding kids bedroom as we're keeping it all white. The other accent walls I have in mind are -- 1. 'Grey' for master bedroom 2. 'Turquoise' for living room.

I'd love to know the shades of grey and turquoise from Asian Paints too in case we don't opt for wallpapers.

I personally prefer slightly cooler colors and we've a lot of natural light in all of our rooms.

Some of the Houzz photos that I've liked -

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The shades of white from Asian Paints that I've shortlisted are -

1. Whispering Smoke (8308)

2. Morning Glory (0765)

3. Soft Whisper (9476)

4. Clear Sky Night (9483)

5. Confetti (8300)

6. Snowflake (8332)

7. Ice Age (8299)

Any help will be reaally appreciated. Thanks.

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