what paint colour suggested to my office

5 April 2019

Hello Creators , I have new office which is completely new space where I need to design it for class room. what colour and room size I can design.

my logo theme is blue with white , each class can fit for 6 to 9 students

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    deSigneR - Architects and Interior Designers
    When dimensioning a classroom or teaching space, the best rule of thumb to produce both good sightlines and efficient layout is as follows: the space needs to be slightly rectangular, but NOT long and narrow. If X = 1, then Y should = 1.2 ideally, and no more than 1.5.
    Consider a comfortable space of 12 sqft. per student so if you have 6 students in a classroom then 72 sqft. + teaching space and walking space (60 sqft. or more) so say roughly you need 130 - 140 sqft. of space per class.
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    deSigneR - Architects and Interior Designers

    I will also suggest to keep calm pastel colours for the class room. Psychologically pastel green and shades of green as most ideal for a calm feeling.. if you practically see, all hospitals have green partition walls and doctors and nurses either wear white or light green or pastel colours. even surgeons during surgery of a patient wear pastel green Colors because its a calming Color. go for a combination of light pastel green or pastel teal Color with white.