Rohit Kumar
17 February 2019


i am looking to renovate my lobby area. actually its more of a big shaft in the middle of the house which i am calling a lobby. it has windows opening from the kitchen on one wall and a washbasin used to be there in a niche on the same wall. needs to replace the wasbasin too. the other wall is cladded with slate stone. we have placed the refreigirator , washing machine and a cupboard on this wall. 3rd wall has storage and a small mandir/

uploading pictures.

please help regarding the washbasin in the niche i.e the counter and the basin which will best go. preferably a small one.

we are willing to shift the washing machine and cupboard to other areas. refrigerator i dont have space to shift anywhere else ( already we have one in the kitchen )

please share ideas

thanks in advance

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    Wing Feather Impressions
    Is there possibility to make wash basin, near slated stone , ?
  • Rohit Kumar
    yes we can do that. but how will it help. pls share details
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    Wing Feather Impressions
    That would give a better look, for countertop.
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    Aurum Ideas+Spaces

    Hello there,

    The slate claddings needs wall washer illumination. Please do that first.

    Place a wooden block above washing machine and cover it with wooden slats. This will double up as an iron board and a curio desk as well.

    Coming to the basin it is best to put a half pedestal over the niche and install a vanity mirror with storage for daily essentials.


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  • Nayab Rasool

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    Space decor


    As it's a very small space any basin protruding outside would block the way.i suggest you to go with a narrow wash basin and stand like the one I have attached in the picture and do some less depth storage or open storage on top or side if the wash basin is not long enough to cover the wall.Do post the picture after the project is completed.

    space decor studio

  • HU-24129765

    hi in my new kitchen what colour combination in high gloss material I can give..also the wall paint colour which goes well..according to vastu..can u please tell from century laminate brand?

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    Rupal shah

    Hello Nayab, you can contact us at 9370982277 for your renovation work.

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    Rupal shah

    Hello HU-24129765, you can check the acrylic sheets for your kitchen .