Rohit Kumar
4 years ago


i am looking to renovate my lobby area. actually its more of a big shaft in the middle of the house which i am calling a lobby. it has windows opening from the kitchen on one wall and a washbasin used to be there in a niche on the same wall. needs to replace the wasbasin too. the other wall is cladded with slate stone. we have placed the refreigirator , washing machine and a cupboard on this wall. 3rd wall has storage and a small mandir/

uploading pictures.

please help regarding the washbasin in the niche i.e the counter and the basin which will best go. preferably a small one.

we are willing to shift the washing machine and cupboard to other areas. refrigerator i dont have space to shift anywhere else ( already we have one in the kitchen )

please share ideas

thanks in advance

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