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14 February 2019

I was just wondering if anyone could help me .....

I would basically like to purchase a plain velour / velvet / felt black wallpaper (circa 6/7 rolls) for a home cinema project and the main reason why this kind of wallpaper is required is that I need it as dark as possible so the walls to reflect any light etc.

I am aware that you can purchase self adhesive velvet rolls that are used in photography studios etc but I understand these are very hard to apply and so I would like to purchase a wallpaper type product

Many thanks for any help you can provide

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  • Ribena Drinker

    How big is the wall you want to cover?

    Just thought, you could make panels covered in black felt (square frame, same style as a painters canvas), which may give you the desired affect. They would certainly be easier to hang and could offer you a chance to make a feature of them.

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  • mikeh71

    Many thanks for your comments Ribena Drinker, I have already thought of that idea, however unfortunately it would not ideally work in the room due to the room layout etc, I will add a photo later to show you the room as it stands.

    Thank you for your help ....

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  • Jonathan
    I think I would choose something with a little pattern to help define the edges of the room and make it earlier to navigate.

    Separately it seems to me the velvet would deaden some of the cinema sound- is that desirable?
  • Carolina
    Or matt black paint
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  • mikeh71

    Hi again

    Thanks Carolina and Jonathan for your comments. I have thought previously about Matt Black paint which is an option but I would like to hide some imperfections hence the reason why I was considering the wallpaper route.

    Thanks Jonathan but I really need plain and also it would improve the sound as it would stop the reflections bouncing around from wall to wall from front to rear etc.

    Again thank you both for your ideas and I am still hopeful I can find something out there ....

  • Danielle H
    I know you can use Alcantara fabric on walls (man made micro fibre that feels and looks like suede). There’s different thicknesses so might be worth contacting a supplier who should know more. I found this one who mentions using it as a wall covering...
  • rachelmidlands
    Do you mean a sticky back baize, something like this https://www.vinylwarehouse.co.uk/new-90cm-wide-black-baize-205-1810---various-lengths-sticky-backed-6619-p.asp. I see what you mean about tricky to apply tho, wallpaper would be easier to slide into place. Have you searched for flock wallpaper? I know you can get plenty of patterns in black, not sure about plain. Off topic I was looking at this site earlier which has some nice wallpapers and other lovely stuff. https://www.andrewmartin.co.uk Also got thinking of sound acoustic reducing qualities and this might sound a bit crazy but how about self adhesive carpet tiles. https://www.floormats.co.uk/ribbed-commercial-carpet Not recommended if you have cats! It would be like the worlds largest scratching post;-). You can also get proper acoustic wall coverings made from all sorts like felt, wool, cork etc. bit pricey tho. Some inspiration:
  • rachelmidlands
    Just to add. If you want to put any type of fabric or material on the walls then please check it’s fire retarding spec ( not sure if that’s the right terminology). Safety first and all that.
  • mikeh71

    Hi Rachel

    Many thanks for those ideas, I will certainly look into the vinyl warehouse options and also carpet tiles etc (but yes they are a little pricey) but worth considering.

    My room as it stands is as per the attached picture - cosmetically it does look fine as is, however I didn't appreciate how much contrast is lost on an image when everything is not as black as it can be, hence the reason why I need to change the colour of the walls etc and would prefer a fabric type material.

    Thanks again


  • PRO
    Verity & Beverley Ltd

    Would a curtain track work? you could then have two sets of black curtains going back to the recesses behind your seating? I understand it is a dedicated cinema room but it looks great as it is and that way you wouldn't have to have a permanently black room. I remember we had something very similar in the photographic dark room at college. A loose but heavy fabric would also help some more with sound absorbance.

    Some options for fabric:




    Depending how much you want to spend you could also look at a system such as this:

    https://fabricmate.com/fabric-wall-finishing-system/ it's from a US company but you maybe able to source or recreate something similar.

    Edit Just found a UK company that sells the track:


    Should be fairly straight forward to use the Fabricmate system but with the Fabritrak profile.