Where's the puja room/space in your home?

Vasundhara Latwal
6 February 2019
last modified: 6 February 2019

Many Indian homes have a Puja room or a mandir at a dedicated space in their homes. Have you created a puja corner, or a room in your home?

We want to know how you have creatively set up a dedicated puja space in your home. Tell us in the comments below!!

Still trying to find the perfect space for your prayer room? Read this story now to get inspired : Divine Inspiration: 12 Puja Room Ideas for Tight Spaces

Don't forget to share images of your beautifully decorated Puja spaces!

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    Solids and Voids

    Recently did these puja / mandir spaces for clients. Since there wasn't a specified room we accomodated them effectively within the living room and dining areas.

    Do have a look and share your valuable inputs !

    Vasundhara Latwal thanked Solids and Voids
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    Vasundhara Latwal

    Solids and Voids These look so nice! What a great way to utilise space!

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    Sandeep Kanvinde

    Pooja corner can be created in traditional look adding few ethnic features.

  • cool yet smart My channel

    I need to organize my small house 3bhk

  • HU-24129765

    I have very limited space fir puja unit..can we place puja unit in study room..??

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    @HU-24129765 - There are few things you need to keep in mind while relocating temple in your house. According to vastu, Northeast is the best direction for pooja room/temple. Also, face the East while praying.

    As you said, there's limited space in your house, pooja mandir can be located in the Northeast corner of any rooms except bedrooms, toilets and store rooms.

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    GJ Studio

    One of my clients had no designated space for puja in their home, and they would have had to squeeze it into a passage somewhere. So when they came to me for ideas, I noticed in the floor plan that they had a beautiful covered verandah overlooking a private garden. The wall of that verandah was towards the east side of the garden. So I thought- why not carve out a rustic simple puja space here? Outdoors? The client was game. And this was the result- a 2'-0" x 2'-6" wood panelled niche in the wall, with a simple clay Krishna placed on a wooden bracket with a delicate hanging brass lamp

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  • Lalitha krishnamoorthy

    Add a little drawer below the plaque.Fix well polished brass handle.