classic stove or insert for a Victorian fireplace

Alicja Piotrowska
4 February 2019
I’m in two minds about going for the usual stove versus a stove insert
Difference is that usually people go for the freestanding stove and I’m wondering about going for an insert see photos
Will I be disappointed if I go for the insert ?
I plan to renovate the surround
insert stove

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  • PRO

    Both would look great but think the space would be tight with a normal stove in that gap - had a similar space in my last place which we ended up just bricking!

  • tamp75
    Personally prefer the look of the inset stove with that type of surround. For me, a freestanding stove looks a bit more rustic & suits a simpler fireplace - eg, oak beam. Just my preference though.
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    Man About The House - The DIY & Odd Job Handyman

    The space is currently too small for a log burner, so you would have to open up the Chimney. Unless you are going to use this as a source of heat every day / most days, then given the new legislation that's probably going to come in re the use of log burners and open fires, I probably wouldn't bother with one.

    I think in your case i'd go for the gas inset. It really is down to personal preference though, how much work you want to do on the Chimney and how you will use it.

    We have a log burner and would freeze without it. It's a lot of work though.

  • Alicja Piotrowska
    Hi thanks all - just to answer a couple of points

    I’m definitely going with a log burner because I like them and because it will give extra heat

    There is no issue with cutting out a bigger hole and that’s what will be done regardless of which style I go for as currently that hole is too small even for a good quality insert - it will be more expensive to have the freestanding Woodburner because they need to cut out a bigger hole and ‘make good’ with slate or tiles or whatever

    I’m just looking for advice on style :)
  • Alicja Piotrowska
    Just realised that the insert I posted is of a gas stove! And can’t change if
    So the dilemma is

    Iron cast free standing Woodburner stove
    Insert Woodburner stove

    Cutting the opening is what I expect so it’s more about - if I go with an insert will I ruin the character of this fireplace (I will have to remove old tiles which are currently painted black - I uncovered a bit as you can see on my first photo but they will have to go and I will just have that little area plastered or re tiled)
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    Man About The House - The DIY & Odd Job Handyman

    Definitely traditional free standing then. Go for it.

  • minnie101

    I would agree, freestanding in that case.

  • Alicja Piotrowska
    And this is how it looks underneath the paint !! Would these tiles be something done in 50’s?
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    Verity & Beverley Ltd

    If you are looking for a small stove to fit into an existing opening try the Hobbit I have one at home that I will be using in a Victorian cast insert, it fits really well into a smaller opening but has an output of 4kw meaning it is below the 5kw threshold for having to add additional ventilation to the room.

    Photos below from google images just to give you an idea.

  • Sandra Lardner

    I have both a freestanding stove and an inset one. The freestanding throws out a lot more heat and it's smaller.