Guys please help me in painting and outside tiling of my house.

Jona S
5 January 2019

Please help.

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    Wing Feather Impressions
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  • varinder singh
    white and grey paint for exterior
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    Don't use tiles in exterior out side walls, after plaster out side walls take front elevation photos and consult Asian or Nippon paint service center they will suggest five colour in front of you they'll show this is free of cost
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    devaakar interior
    only two colours shade is best
    gray & slate colour
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    Love Interiors
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    Aum Architects

    your staircase block is nice. use natural store cladding, if cost permits, else some nice stone designed tiles should also do the trick. as per the tile/stone, you can either go with the similar family for the rest of the wall painting. ensure the moldings/projections are painted in lighter tone than the walls, so that they do subtly stand out.

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    Tunch Bricks

    As I can see your staircase block is the highlighting element of the whole structure. You can really play well with it. Some earthy cladding from Tunch Bricks would surely enhance the overall look of the elevation. Products suggested are Metallika and Sunburst in a patterned well as reference image is shared.

    For More Cladding Bricks options

  • Nandi S
    Contact us @9535120986 , we have in-house 3D designers, we will design ur exterior.

    What is window size?

  • AH Interiors
    Better u visit asian paint service center for calarity of colors of ur choice. I wud suggest White texture if u r away from commercial spaces(Less pollution).