uneven door and window

manoj Mj
2 October 2018
how to make it look even

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    If can possible remove window and fix to door top level otherwise can fix outer beeding like below weather door inside and outside or window also same
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    Shreela Sharan Architects

    This can be achieved by creating a Paneling/pelmet just above the window lintel level that continues above the door as well. This will create a visual illusion. To further make it stand out, use tapestry to create patterns at the top and have curtains in the second layer.

  • varinder singh
    very nice idea
  • Sunita Singh
    for equal height first idea is these kind of curtain designs ...
  • Sunita Singh
    second is framing...
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  • Jay Vamsi
    It is also observed that there are windows (or an opening on one of the sides) on both sides of the door and it is unsymmetrical through out.
    So, for it to look symmetrical, u have to concentrate on both.

    Hence, u may install a door trim over the door panel and run some ply under it to make it look consonant. And run curtain rods at same height to make it look on the same line.
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    1.Remove Door and Trim

    If you're adjusting an existing door frame in your house, first, you will have to remove the door itself and all of the trim surrounding the frame. The door is simple enough; just pull the hinge pins out of place, tapping them from beneath with a screwdriver and mallet if necessary.

    For the trim, wedge a flat pry bar underneath the edge on one end of a section, and gently pull the casing away from the wall. Do the same thing for all of the pieces around the door frame and carefully set them aside to reuse later.

    2.Square the Opening Off

    It is difficult to ensure that a door will be level and square if the rough opening is not (the rough opening is the bare bones structure before any work is done to begin a door install). So, before you begin, use a carpenter’s square to check the upper corners. This will save you time and effort later on. Remember, the more accurate your measurements, the more level your door will be.

    3.Shim Door Frame

    Placing a pre-hung door in the rough opening will give you an idea of how it will ultimately fit. This type comes complete with a pre-made frame surrounding it, so all you need to do is carefully slide it into place and shim wherever you need around the frame to level it in the opening. Remember that wooden shims can simply be made of wedges or blocks of wood.

    Place a level against the door frame in your existing installation to see where you need adjustments. Then, like before, place wooden shims until it sits as it's supposed to. To keep the shims in place, nail them to the hinge. Make sure you trim any excess pieces with a saw so they sit flush with the wall.

    4.Get a Level Sill

    Next, adjust the door sill with a flat bar or wedge until it too is level. Place the wedge or bar under the latching side of the door frame and have your help hold your door so you can check to make sure whether the top of the frame, or lintel, will need more adjustment.

    5.Double Check

    It is important in every project to double check your work. Take the time to measure the gap between the door frame and the original rough opening. Use and nail in more wedges where necessary. If you have the extra set of hands to spare, have someone re-measure if you feel it could be adjusted differently.

    6.Secure Door Frame in Opening

    Place your blocks of wood and/or shims into the open space over the lintel, and begin attaching the door frame to the original rough opening. Again, double check each corner to be square, before completely securing it into place.

    Note: Do not worry about the finishing touches just yet. You can add framing to the door after applying the paneling or drywall. Also, head and side casings will finish off a new installation nicely, covering all your small shim adjustments.

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