Design for this Living Room & Kitchen separating Window

Sai Chaithanya
2 years ago
I’m looking for suggestions on a Window which separates living room and kitchen (Pic. 1).
A wooden framed showcase is made for a similar window (Pic. 2) where some decorative pieces can be placed towards living room and few cutlery in bottom racks towards kitchen. Both the sides will be covered by openable glass door with wooden frame. (Pic. 3) is the view from kitchen.

Pics 2 & 3 are from my neighbours apartment.

I would like to install a toughened glass which will have any design/paint towards living room and partitions for racks with glass towards kitchen. Here, I would like to get a decent look from living room and a person who’s in kitchen could see who’s in living room and can talk.

Please suggest an idea or helping me with a sample also thankful.