redo my sofa and the living room in victorian style

Geeta Prabhakar
2 years ago

please suggest a few styles/patterns.

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    Tangerine Turfs
    2 years ago

    Hi Geeta, For designing in Victorian theme, opt for rich fabrics such as velvet or brocade. Tufted sofa with exposed wood on the armrest and legs will bring out the Victorian charm. Gold embellishments for the coffee table or framed art along with a patterned carpet will do the trick.

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    RnD Atelier
    2 years ago

    Hi Geeta,

    Victorian theme is all about grandeur and elegance. Here are a few key design elements that would help you achieve the perfect look -

    1] Pastel Walls and/or damask wallpapers are characteristic.

    2] Wall Panelings for a two tone wall (as in the above picture) or as a pattern on the wall add character.

    3] Large sized mirrors on walls work wonders.

    4] Upholstery in rich fabrics and pastel colours also contribute immensely. You can also go for red or violet fabrics for a chair or two to add drama. And yeah, lost of cushions!

    5] Mixed bag of furniture/ non modular furniture with white and golden polish for arms and legs. Polished teak also works well.

    6] Decor items like figurines, vases, bracket lights and crystal chandeliers collected from second hand or antique shops. These days even well known home decor brands keep antique items.

    7] Floor length american pleat curtains frame the openings and add layers to the walls.

    8] Wooden flooring topped with carpets give the space a cozy feel.

    Tip: If you have space and a budget, do add a fireplace with a mantel. It will add an old world charm to the space.

    Hope these ideas inspire you. All the best!


    RnD Atelier