Seeking suggestion about a covered balcony area in bedroom.

Rohit Chauhan
3 years ago
This are used to be a balcony for my bedroom, but was covered by my parents with an iron mesh of windows where you can see the navy curtains in the back. Growing up, I find it as the ugliest spot in my room which I can not completely wall-ify due to the DDA rules and it's horrible shape doesn't allow me to think of even one idea how I can both, use & beautify it. The even worse part is that both the side walls of the entrance and the portion on top, are beams, which again I can not interfere with. Can anyone suggest me how I can work this space out to compliment my room instead of me keeping it curtained and hidden?
Change it back to balcony
Insert a wardrobe in the space to cover the mouth of the area
Decorate with a Sofa bed and some lights
Other. Please suggest.

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