Need help on wooden bookself

4 years ago

Dear friends,

I am in a critical situation. I have lots of books and I want a wall to wall bookcase. Last week, I give the contract to a carpenter who worked regularly with us from last ten years. I choose wood as material instead of plywood because wood is stronger and easily reusable in other place.

Now, because of the carpenter, I am completely in a mess. I don’t have any understanding of wood. Because he is regularly doing carpentry with us, I believe on him. He buys khokan wooden plank for the self and gamari wood for the glass door. But these are with moisture. When I put the books, the books take the moisture from the selves and became damp. I am also worried that after drying, the bookshelf may bend and dis-shaped. Even he did not place it properly and in some places there is gap between the wall and the bookshelf. When I asked, he said that the wall and plastering is not even.

I cannot change the bookshelf; it is already made and hooked in wall. How to make it usable? I ask a mason (who does brick work and plasters) if he can seal the gap by using cement, but I am worried that it is not possible before the drying process of wood is complete. How to dry the wood easily and quickly? What is the best possible way to fill the gap so no book destroying elements like ants, mouse, lizard etc. enter the selves?

Please, please, please, help.

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